Claire Hill

Registered Speech to Text Reporter
(Expires: 31/01/2021)
Photo ID Card No: 1012388

Weekdays Evenings Weekends
Contact no 07973817872
Text only No
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Organisation Date joined
British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR) 17/02/2007
National Court Reporters Association (USA) 06/03/2002

Additional qualifications

Type Qualification Date achieved
Professional BIVR QRR at 100% 09/04/2010
Professional RPR from US NCRA 12/04/2010
Professional BSL Level 1 12/09/2016
Professional CRC from US NCRA 10/04/2014
Specialist Professional Winner of the BIVR 2018 Betty Willett Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession 07/09/2018